Are You Vogue Ugly or Simply Average?

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Have you ever been told that you are too pretty to be a fashion model or too ugly to be a commercial model? Very harsh or confusing, right?

Well, you're not alone! I am stuck in the middle - too pretty to be a fashion model and too ugly to be a commercial model which is what I consider "RARE." LOL!

Don't be offended if you've been categorized as one or the other; the modeling industry does NOT have any verbal filters. Models are typically categorized into two major categories: Fashion or Commercial. Within these two categories are subcategories of modeling such as beauty, fine art, alternative, and etcetera.

Vogue Ugly models are what industry experts consider Fashion Models according to their distinct features; and skyscraper height (usually 5'9" or taller for females and 6'0" or taller for males.) Fashion models are known for booking runway shows; and major fashion campaigns or editorials the types you would see in Calvin Klein or featured in a major ad campaign for Prada inside of Vogue Magazine.

>> Photo Credits: Erick Robinson Photography (; Makeup provided by Dominique Uniquely Beautiful (; Wardrobe provided by Simply Ke'say Boutique (

Then you have your Simply Average models... they are the typical Commercial Models in which industry experts consider, "the-girl-next-door or the average, everyday beauty" - beautiful but, not quite distinctive. Commercial Models are known for booking commercial ads, and catalogs. Yes, the models you would find in your McDonald's commercial; in JC Penney's catalog ; or on a billboard advertisement for local businesses.

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Here's five advantages and disadvantages about Fashion and Commercial Models that may cheer you up because, being categorized as Vogue Ugly or Simply Average doesn't always sound good:

  • Both, Fashion and Commercial Models, have the potential to make A LOT of money.... However, with the short career span of a fashion model, commercial models can turn modeling into a lifetime career.

  • Fashion models are limited to certain markets such as New York, Milan, and Paris; whereas, Commercial Models market is literally EVERYWHERE.

  • It's much easier for a Commercial Model to transition into Acting than it is for a Fashion Model because of the acting skills a commercial model gains through experience. But, it's never impossible for a Fashion Model to transition into Acting.

  • In the fashion industry, there's a few rare exceptions whereas a typical Commercial Model are categorized as a Fashion Model.

  • Many actors or actresses has landed covers and features in major magazines. Get the hint?