Behind the Scene with Daryna Barykina

Every model should own at least one black leather jacket to compliment the countless black garments we sport for castings, go-sees, and etc. Why? Because leather jackets are magical! They compliment every look we wear from day to night for almost any occasion.

During this shoot with Daryna Barykina I arrived in a black, loose slip-on dress; a pair of black, ankle-length, loose leggings; and threw on a black biker jacket and combat boots due to the gloomy weather outside and to also keep my skin free from any harsh skin imprints fitted clothing produce (great tip for seamless wardrobe changes.)

After seeing my arrival look, the photographer chose my look for the second half of our shoot.

Yes, that’s sand and grass roots in the studio. LOL!

The weather wasn’t the best to actually shoot on the beach.