Don't be so One-Dimensional!

We can become tangled in a one-dimensional world of modeling - blinded of the fact that there's more to just fashion or commercial modeling. It is always a great experience when you challenge yourself to surpass current levels of success. Throughout my modeling career, I've had numerous opportunities to explore new concepts.... some strange, some ghostly, and some animalistically beautiful.  

In this photo: I booked a styled bridal shoot titled, "The Forsaken Brides of Howey Mansion." If you've guessed, "ghostly brides." You're right! I love how the photographer, Mike, used a crystal or glass technique to create this ethereal double exposure illusion. 

Photo Credit: Mike Spectacle Photography (

What could be stranger than portraying a ghostly being...?

Try being drenched in blood... totally surreal, LOL!

In these photos: I booked another ethereal shoot that felt like a inspirational-merge between, "Friday the 13th," and, "Carrie." 

Photo credit: Abby Lynn Pierce ( 

Between you and I, there is nothing comparable to living life on the wild side, animalistically speaking (I highly doubt that term is real.) My all-time favorite editorial was this 12 hours concept for Pump Magazine. The bulk of the time was spent in hair and makeup.... I'm sure you can guess why. LOL!

Giraffes don't gain their spots overnight...

Photo Credit: Nomad Images(; Makeup and hair styled by Fierce Beauty Central (