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Updated: Jan 31, 2018

As Confucius once quoted, "Wherever you go, go with all your heart." This is a quote I live by as a model and actress when it comes to working as a local hire. Even though I currently reside in Jacksonville, Florida, I consider myself a local hire within a certain radius that expands from Orlando, FL to South Carolina.

You're probably wondering what's considered a, "local hire?"

The term, “local hire,” is used to describe a talent who can work as a local resident within the city where a film or photography project will occur. The talent must have a local address, local transportation, and live close enough or within a "60 mile" radius of that specific city or town so that the talent can be on location, quickly. In such cases, the talent will NOT receive reimbursement for any expenses such as transportation, lodging, or meals (unless the talent is booked as a modified local hire).

In this photo: I was booked as a local hire for a bridal series in Howey-In-The-Hills, Florida. Photo captured by Linda Mason Photography (www.facebook.com/justagirlandacamera/). Makeup provided by Laura Deiulio (www.instagram.com/lauradeiulio). Hair styled by Jazz Moritz (www.facebook.com/jazzmoritz?ref).

Now, you are probably thinking, "Humph... so... what exactly is a modified local hire?"

A modified local hire is when a client or production company is willing to cover (or reimburse) a talent’s travel expenses; given the fact, the talent lives within 500 miles from the city where a film or photography project will occur. As a modified local hire, clients may agree to cover all or some of the following: mileage reimbursement, lodging and per diem which may be distributed for work days only. 

In this photo: I was booked as a modified local hire for a photography class in South Carolina, hosted by Leighton DaCosta Photography (www.leightond.com) This photo was captured by, photographer, Geno Porter of AiReal Photography (www.airealphotographyllc.com)

Based upon my experience with booking projects as a local hire, there’s a lot of risks such as: Losing money (shelling out money to cover lodging expenses if lodging with friends or family isn’t an option; daily food expenses; and transportation changes.) Sometimes a previously booked film production or photography project would end up changing within the blink of an eye. Which typically means, I would have to adjust my entire travel plans or schedule. I’ve even had some projects that ran over in time or required me to stay for additional days.

In many scenarios, I’ve witnessed other talents back out of previously booked local hire projects due to last minute changes or the talents' lack of planning which could possibly damage the work-relationships between the client and the talent (or, even worse, the talent and their agents.)

Overall, as a local (or even a modified local hire), you must accept full responsibility for the job you book. Whether it is taking responsibility for scheduling your arrangements, paying the travel expenses; or simply just showing up ON TIME and ready to work. Some clients don't care about the mishaps of what caused you to cancel your booking, they expect you to honor your commitment or at least give a legitimate (72 to 48 hours or more) notice of cancellation.

Model Tips:

  • If you know you can't fulfill the requirements of the casting project, do NOT accept the job!

  • Be honest! Don't lie about the current city, town, or state you live in.

  • If you live in New York City, and you book a modeling and acting project AS A LOCAL HIRE for a job that is 1,000 miles or more away. Do NOT expect reimbursement for travel expenses because you've booked that project as a local hire.

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