Published? What's the Hype?

Updated: Feb 5, 2018

So, what's the hype about getting published?

Is it for bragging rights? ... validation? ... the possibilities of getting discovered?

Or, could it be for marketing, branding, or networking?

If you've guessed marketing, branding, or networking. You're headed into the right direction! Getting published is about two important factors: MARKETING & PROGRESSION.

Even though getting published isn't all about YOU, readers are drawn to how well you sell the brand or product. Think of it as an opportunity of marketing yourself while you are bringing awareness to the brand or product you are advertising. In addition to the marketing aspect of getting published, adding REAL publication tearsheets to your portfolio is another great way of showing your progression, as an established model, when you are submitting to agencies or for a casting.

In this photo: We landed the cover page of Miami's former LMH Magazine (now known as Planet Fashion TV) after getting discovered on a social media platform by their Editor-In-Chief for their November 2013 issue.

Photographer: HiDef Pixel ( Makeup/Hair/Wardrobe: Jaundalyn Haywood, Fierce Beauty Central (

For my previously published models, you are probably thinking, "But, why is it so tediously, frustrating to get published?"

There are multiple reasons why. Just think of the main reason: Publishers are searching for the BEST quality of work to share with their readers. They need for you to bring the heat when it comes to selling whatever brand or product you are advertising. (Reminder: Publishers with a great following base are one of your major marketing resources.)

But, just as convinced as Steve Jobs was when he quoted, "... about half of what separates successful [model] entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance." So, am I that much more convinced! Therefore, I've decided to share my top "go-getter" secrets on how to get published based upon my experience:

STEP 1 - Determine what genre of modeling you're great at executing.*

STEP 2 - Study publications that cater to your genre of modeling.**

STEP 3 - Take note of the photographers that are listed in the photo credit section of those publications.

STEP 4 - Build a professional connection with those photographers. If they are within your "local hire" radius, schedule a test shoot with them for an opportunity to book a future publication. If they are outside of your "local hire" radius, you can either plan a travel date or find out their travel plans to an area closer to you for a test shoot opportunity.***

  • In many cases, published photographers may have a full team of experts already set for hair, make-up, wardrobe, and other necessities based upon the submission guidelines.

  • In other cases, a makeup artist or stylist may already have a photographer for publication submissions. All they're missing is a model to advertise their brand or product.

STEP 5 - Once the test shoot is completed; and the photographer or stylist scores a publication opportunity, BE PATIENT! The publication process is sometimes a long, agonizing process. During this process the work you all produce must stay unpublished (meaning the images submitted should NOT be used for any other purposes including social media until the publisher has published/released it according to their submission guidelines.) In most cases, we as a model will not see the edited images until the release date which is also another long, agonizing waiting process.

Now, here's where perseverance is needed.... If one publisher/published photographer reject you (this rejection could even happen after you've completed a test shoot with the photographer.) Don't fret! Don't give up! Re-evaluate your strategy using the steps I provided, and try another publisher/published photographer. Sometimes it may be the simple fact that your work, style, or look doesn't suit the submission theme or publication guidelines at that specific time.  


In photo: The photographer submitted a beauty shot to my former agents I-Fashion Model Management, in New York, for their January 2015 issue of I-Fashion Magazine which landed the cover.

Photo: Abhik Kar Photography (

Makeup & Hair: Jaundalyn Haywood, Fierce Beauty Central (

Model Tips:

1.) For the opportunity to get published in top publications, try signing with a major agency who book models for such publications.

2.) Don't underestimate some local agencies as they also receive opportunities to book models for some top and, locally, well-known publications.

3.) Many local publishers offer FREE advertising, including advertising outside of your local town. Where as top publishers thrive on advertising sells from brands that pay for monthly advertisement.

Additional Resources:

*To help determine your genre of modeling, here's some great tips from one of my favorite bloggers, Lola Chel:

** Join Kavyar; a network for creatives in fashion, beauty, and art, that help artists find publication opportunities and connections. (

*** Revisit my previous blog, Going the Distance ( to determine what areas you may be considered a "local hire."