Modern Trench

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

“The Chic Minimalist”

A classic design with a modern edge.

This belted Femme Luxe duster is the perfect equilibrium for my day to night wardrobe transitions.

As shown, above, I’ve paired this duster (trench) with my favorite one-shoulder jumpsuit. I’ve also paired this duster (trench) with an oxford top and Femme Luxe’s high-waist, skinny jeans.

Are dusters the same a trenchcoats? Not exactly. Trenchcoats are stylish raincoats whereas dusters was originally built for handling the practicalities of herding sheep in the rain. However, Femme Luxe added a waterfall collar to this duster which gives the appearance of a chic lapel.

Media Credit: Maurice Hodges and Javaris Taylor