The Chic Minimalist

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

From a fashion hoax to the most trending streetwear accessory - bumbags are back!

As an aspiring minimalist, I’ve learned that too many additions can distract from an outfit as a whole. Bumbags are the perfect accessory that pairs well with any outfit and always deliver a classic, timeless appeal.

Given that bumbags have little to do with bums, beltbags would be a more fitting word for them as many people wear them as fanny packs around their waist. I’ve used my bumbag as a belt to cinch a pair of jeans. A bumbag can also be used to cinch an oversized coat. I’ve also worn my bumbag loosely-fitted with casual styles, and tightly-fitted (similar to a crossbody purse) with more formal styles.

Photo credits: Rudy Arias Photography, Shante Armstrong, and Maurice Hodges.