Minimize Your Travel Style

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

After reading articles after articles on how to pack lightly; and after realizing how much money I could’ve saved from checking in my luggage at the airport. I’m now keen to the saying, “Less is more.”

With a bazillion articles on how to travel light. I’ve summed up my travels to just me, myself, and a carry-on. But, as a traveling model, how does one maximize their style while traveling lighty? It’s simple, neutrals. Don’t forget to add a badass sweater such as this Femme Luxe Cropped Hoodie (which comes in a variety of colors.)

You could never go wrong with a comfy sweater due to the seasons; the constant change of weather conditions; and the frequent temperature changes in different environments. But, as a model, you are your own brand, or a representation of a brand; therefore, the world is your runway. Traveling from point A to point B must be accomplished effortlessly - in style - with a, “Less is more,” traveling technique.

For example, when I am not modeling, I’m either sprawled out on my yoga mat; stuffing my face with delicious foods; or networking. While traveling, I expect to engage in all three of those hobbies during my downtime. Therefore, my wardrobe must consist of pieces that cater to those activities.

What does Shante’s carry-on consist of?

Two pairs of my favorite denims; a little black dress or a skirt; neutral or dark leggings and/or yoga pants; a pair of neutral or black pumps; a pair of neutral or black flats; a towelettes bag that’s compliant to the airport’s guidelines including light makeup; and most importantly my new favorite Cropped Sweater from Femme Luxe.

You could never go wrong with pairing a cropped sweater with denims whether the denims are tethered or untethered; fitted or borrowed from your boyfriend’s closet. Stack the look high with a pair of pumps or keep the look on the low with a pair of flats.

Or, go monochromatic with leggings or wide-leg (yoga) pants and sneakers which might be the perfect classic yet comfortable athlesisure appearance for last minute flights or bookings. Stepping out into the limelight? You can take this hooded crop sweater look a step further with a pencil skirt of any length or spice it up with leather for a night out in a new city.

If you’re not the cropped top type, some of these styles can also be easity achieved with either an oversized sweater, a graphic print sweat shirt, or sweater dress.

With a huge selection of colors to neutrals from coordinated sets to jumpsuits; from a variety length of skirts to dresses; and from tops to bottoms Femme Luxe have a variety of garments that can elevate your travel style.

What’s the secret to getting all of these items into such a small carry-on?

With such a light packing technique, my wardrobe selection is the perfect mix and match. Therefore, I don’t fold my garments, I roll them. This packing technique also provides extra room in my carry-on to pack my portable mini-steamer.