What Determines a Successful Model?

80% of a model's success is based upon their disposition... the more a client or photographer likes the disposition of a model, the more likely they are willing to book them again.

Here’s a few tips on ways to improve your disposition as a successful model:

  • Don’t be a wallflower! When working in new environments, with new clients, or with new people; you must be able to adapt quickly. Not forgetting to be outgoing and personable (in other words be likable, or engaging.)

  • Be organized and punctual! Many photographers may agree with this phrase, “There’s nothing worse than a model who flakes (cancels a Booking last minute or unannounced.)” Therefore, manage your time wisely! Don’t depend on the client to keep up with your whereabouts. In such cases, if you forget about a booking, casting, or show up late or even worse... if you don’t show up AT ALL; you may NOT get booked again.

Here’s a quick 3 step confirm procress I use when confirming my bookings up until my arrival the day of:

  1. 24 Hour Confirmation - 24 hours prior to the scheduled booking, reach out to the client via a phone call, or whatever method of contact that works for the client.

  2. 2 Hour “Day of Booking” Confirmation - Within 2 Hours prior to my booking, reach out to the client via text or call to reconfirm your booking and give an update on your preparation whereabouts (especially if you are required to arrive onset hair and makeup ready.)

  3. Arrival Confirmation - As soon as you arrive onset, in the parking lot, text the client or call the client to inform them that you have arrived (especially if an access code is necessary.) For agency models, this would be the perfect time to check in with your agents to confirm that you have arrived onset (in many cases they require a selfie check in showing that you are actually onset.)

  • Never double book!!! They can cause you a lot of damage between your agents or clients and yourself. If anything, select the booking that is more profitable. Keep a calendar or organizer handy to manage your bookings.

Having the right attitude and personality makes a huge difference between a successful model and one whose career flounders. Apply the above traits to your modeling career and watch how much more you succeed.

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